How do I know if I need the HealThy Mouth System?

What level of intervention each of us needs to navigate to greater oral health is determined by how far our oral health has broken down.

One very effective way to measure the extent of damage in our mouths (from gum disease) is by the depth of pockets around each of our teeth.  Gum pocket depth is what dentistry generally uses to accurately determine how developed gum disease is in someone’s mouth.

The test dentists perform to measure the gum pockets is called a ‘periodontal depth test’ and is a very helpful measurement to have done.  While the periodontal depth test doesn’t tell us the level of current activity of gum disease, it does accurately tell us how advanced gum disease has developed in our mouths.

We use this gum pocket measurement to help determine when a person needs to ratchet up their oral hygiene care from ‘just’ using our HealThy Mouth Blend and specially designed Bass toothbrushes to more extensive care of our HealThy Mouth System.

As a general rule, if you have gum pockets greater than 4mm deep, we recommend our HealThy Mouth System.

The reason is simple really.  Since the way to stop gum disease from progressing in your mouth is by disrupting and disorganizing the ‘bad bugs’ implicated with gum disease, once a pocket is deeper than 4mm, it becomes impossible to effectively disrupt the bugs without upgrading your knowledge and tools.

Thankfully, even if you have very deep gum pockets, properly using the HealThy Mouth System can provide you a system you can apply at home to make tremendous positive change in your oral health.

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