How will I know if my teeth are really getting whiter from using Shine?

Honestly, we noticed it within a week or two in our own mouths. Then others started noticing it. Customers in our pilot launch experienced the same.  (You can read how others have benefited from using Shine here.)

So yeah, you’ll see the difference. Just remember though, Shine isn’t going to make ‘snow white’ teeth as it’s not bleaching (aka damaging) the teeth.

If you want to prove it to yourself, here is a suggestion…

To see the whitening benefit

Consider taking ‘before and after’ photos while using Shine. Even though we noticed a difference within days of starting to use Shine, to pick up the difference on a camera, give at least 3 weeks between the before and after images.

If you really want to see just how well Shine works for gentle polishing, wear the same shirt in both photos and take the photos in the same room under the same lighting.

(If you do this and are willing to share your photos with us, we will send you a pretty sweet gift as our thanks for helping us share Shine with others!  You can share your ‘Shine success story’ and photo here 🙂

Also, if you want to emphasize the whitening benefit, be sure to check out the video, “How to use Shine” to see the special brushing strategy to optimize the whitening power of Shine.