Do I use Shine in its powdered form or can I make a paste with it?

It’s really up to you! Some folks prefer to use Shine in its dry powdered form. This is especially helpful if you’re using it to lift stains from your teeth, as the dry form has a little more abrasive quality to it.

Others prefer to make Shine into a paste by mixing a bit of Shine powder with a few drops of water, HealThy Mouth Blend, or organic coconut oil (yum!). This is particularly helpful if you’d like to let Shine sit in one particular area of your mouth for a bit to give it more time to support remineralization in that area.

The choice is yours!

If you’re going to make a paste with our products, we do recommend that you make it in very small batches to use it quickly and avoid any spoilage.

Here’s a video that shows various strategies for how to use Shine.