I get that the Bass Brushing Technique is focused on the gum line. Do I need to brush my teeth too?

Yes, in addition to using the Bass Brushing Technique to disrupt thug bugs along the gum line, it is important to also brush our teeth. You see, brushing our teeth removes plaque and prevents the thug bugs from eroding the tooth enamel. Feel free to check out our video, “How to brush your teeth to stop tooth decay.”

So, what tool can we use for brushing our teeth?

As far as what toothbrush you should use for brushing your teeth, it’s really up to you to decide. Our Bass Toothbrush has rounded bristles and a shorter handle that prompts the user to grasp the brush with a lighter hand and use less pressure when brushing. These features will help you avoid etching your teeth and irritating the tender tissue of the mouth.

Some of our customers use the adult size Bass brush to clean the gum line and the junior size Bass brush to clean their teeth (especially hard-to-reach areas, like the inside of the lower front teeth), but that’s really a matter of their personal preference.

For more information, here is an article we wrote on 4 Reasons Why Brushing Is So Important. Also, our article Electric vs Manual Brushing, Which Is Better? – Part 1 explains the importance of conscious brushing.