How will I know if my teeth are remineralizing?

Unlike the whitening benefit, we can’t see the remineralization benefit from using Shine. However, we have found that you can definitely feel the benefit.

Here’s how…

It shows up on how sensitive our teeth feel.

You see, in demineralized areas, there is literally less mineral density in/on the teeth to protect the nerves in our teeth from hot/cold drinks. This is particularly true where the gums have receded.

As we use Shine day after day, we are helping to deposit more and more minerals back into our teeth. So, any sensitivity we used to feel decreases (and can eventually go completely away from our experience).

So, before you start using Shine, notice on a scale of 1 to 10 how sensitive your teeth are to hot or cold drinks. Is an iced drink uncomfortable, kinda uncomfortable, not really, or does just the thought of an iced drink touching your teeth cause you pain? (been there, done that 🙂 )

Also, see if you can identify the area/areas that are most sensitive in your mouth when you experience any sensitivity. Perhaps consider making these notes on a dated copy of your OraWellness Mouth Map.

Will’s personal story…

My whole adult life, I experienced moderate sensitivity to iced drinks on the lip/outer surface of my lower front teeth. It was bad. It had been long enough that I just avoided drinking iced drinks to avoid the pain. The mere thought of allowing something frozen to sit on those teeth was enough to cause me discomfort.

However one day, after using Shine for a number of months, Susan and I shared with one another how surprised we each were because we were able to tolerate very cold liquids to have contact with our teeth without any pain at all.

So, just take a mental note with how much sensitivity you experience and where in the mouth you feel it.

Then after using Shine for a bit, check on whether it feels the same or is less yet.

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