How long will the HealThy Mouth System last before I need to purchase more product?

When we first dreamed up the HealThy Mouth System, we wanted to create a product that would help empower others looking for a way to create massive positive change with their advancing gum disease.  We wanted this product to be a ‘one time’ purchase to make it available to those who live on really tight budgets.

So, truly, the HealThy Mouth System is a one time purchase.  However, many customers end up really liking the parts that wear out and so come back and purchase more from us.

Most of the HealThy Mouth System pieces will last for many years if you care for them properly. The parts that most often need to be replaced are the pocket applicator, the bottle of HealThy Mouth Blend, and the Bass toothbrush.

The pocket applicator is a delicate device. How long it lasts really depends on the care and maintenance it receives. To learn how to properly care for and (if necessary) troubleshoot your pocket applicator, please see this FAQ answer:

For more information on how long the HealThy Mouth Blend and Bass toothbrush will last, please see these FAQ answers:

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