How long will the HealThy Mouth System last before I need to purchase more product?

When we first dreamed up the HealThy Mouth System, we wanted to create a product that would empower folks with advancing gum disease to create massive positive changes in their oral health. We also wanted this product to be a ‘one-time’ purchase to make it accessible to those who live on really tight budgets.

So, truly, the full HealThy Mouth System is a one-time purchase. It contains everything you need to get rolling on your path to greater oral health.

When you purchase the system and create an account on our site, you’ll have access to the online educational materials that accompany it. You won’t need to purchase those materials again going forward; you can just continue to access them online.

If you lose or forget your login credentials, simply contact us to ask for help (see our FAQ, “I’m having trouble logging into my account“).

For the physical products in your kit, if you run out of, lose, or break any of the HealThy Mouth System components and decide that you’d like to purchase more, you can order more of whatever product(s) you need (HealThy Mouth Blend, Shine, floss, Bass toothbrushes, Pocket Applicator, and/or tongue cleaner) without purchasing the full HealThy Mouth System again.

Note that the Pocket Applicator is a delicate device. How long it lasts really depends on the care and maintenance that it receives. To learn how to properly care for and (if necessary) troubleshoot your Pocket Applicator, please see this FAQ answer:

For more information on how long the HealThy Mouth Blend, the Bass toothbrush, and the jar of Shine will last, please see these FAQ answers:

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