My Pocket Applicator is broken. How can I fix it?

It sounds like it may just be clogged.

For HealThy Mouth System customers, please log into your account on our site and watch the video titled, “How to Clean (And Unclog) Your Pocket Applicator“.

How to Unclog Your Pocket Applicator 

  1. Use warm/hot water to rinse off the applicator.
  2. While under running warm/hot water, pull the plunger out the back of the applicator. Pull it all the way out until the applicator ‘comes apart’ into two pieces.
  3. Submerge the applicator syringe and tip under the warm water to fill up the applicator syringe.
  4. Once the applicator is full of warm water, put the plunger back into the back of the applicator and press the warm water out through the applicator tip (this action very often clears any plugs/clogs in the tiny applicator tip).
  5. Repeat process several times.

Now that we have your applicator working again, let’s cover how to care for it so it stays functional.

How to Keep Your Applicator in Good Functional Condition

  1. Use the applicator around your mouth.
  2. When finished, press all the way down on the plunger to expel all of the solution into the sink.
  3. Rinse the applicator in warm running water.
  4. Fill the applicator with fresh, warm water several times, flushing out all solution from the applicator and its tip. Note: if your tap water has high mineral content, you may need to rinse with distilled water to avoid clogging your pocket applicator.
  5. The last time you fill it, press the plunger all the way down. Then pull it back up to take in air, and then push it back down again to expel the air from the applicator.
  6. Last, before you set it down to dry, pull the plunger out just a bit to bring in a little air. Leave it to dry in that position.