How do I get Shine onto my toothbrush?

(You can find lots of helpful info on how to use Shine on this page.)

First, it’s critically important that we not dip a moistened toothbrush into Shine.  Over time, the moisture that will fall off of the toothbrush into the Shine container will turn the powder clumpy and not as nice to use.

The very best strategy we have found is to scoop some Shine into a small dish or the palm of your hand, wet your toothbrush and shake off the excess water, and then dip your brush bristles into the Shine that’s in the dish or your hand. This is our preferred method of applying Shine to our brush, because it allows us to re-apply Shine multiple times as we brush different areas of our mouths.

We have included a small, wooden spoon to help you apply Shine to your moistened toothbrush. Just scoop up a bit of Shine on the spoon and sprinkle Shine over your brush. Be sure to hold your toothbrush over the container of Shine to avoid losing any of the excess powder that falls off your brush.  Some customers have found that even this strategy allows too much moisture into the jar of shine over time.

So FYI, if you are a ‘brush dipper’, just know that over the weeks, Shine will become clumpy and you’ll have to make a paste out of it rather than have the powder to use.

Here are some other suggestions to help keep Shine a powder and easy to use:

  • If you live in a humid environment, be sure to put the lid on Shine after each use
  • Consider storing the wood spoon outside of the jar of Shine.  Just be sure the spoon isn’t wet when you dip it into the powder.

For more info, check out our video tutorial, How to use Shine.