Does your MCHA (and the MCHA in Shine) have nano-sized particles? If not, why?

The MCHA in Shine and in our MCHA bulk bags is not nano-sized. It’s the finest size that’s milled by the nutraceutical company who supplies us with the MCHA. It ends up being around 200 mesh / 72 microns, which is much larger than nano-sized particles. However, it’s small enough to go into solution with our saliva, and when that solution touches our natural tooth structure, it can help support the body’s ability to remineralize our teeth.

Back in 2015, we researched and considered long and hard about using nano-sized hydroxyapatite in our products. We chose to avoid nano particles for two main reasons.

First, we weren’t able to find any naturally-derived nano hydroxyapatite; all of the options on the market were synthetic, meaning they were made in a lab. And while it’s true that MCHA is processed in a lab environment, the fact that the two compounds are derived from different sources (MCHA is from pastured NZ cattle and nano hydroxyapatite is created in a lab) was noteworthy to us.

Second, the last time we researched this subject, there were no safety tests on nano hydroxyapatite. There is some pretty strong opposition to using nano-sized particles in general due to the fact that they’re so small, they’re automatically absorbed into the bloodstream.

So, applying what is called the ‘precautionary principle’, we have chosen to avoid using nano hydroxyapatite in our products.

Feel free to check out this article for an in-depth look into why we believe Nano is a No-No.