Does the HealThy Mouth Blend kill the good bugs too?

The path to optimal oral health sometimes requires that we ‘rebalance’ the populations of microbes in our oral micro­biome. The bottom line is 98% of Americans have some form of active oral disease. This means that most of us have mouths where disease-causing microbes are running the show. In these cases, the path to optimal oral health requires action to rebalance and create a healthy environment.

While we chose the ingredients in our HealThy Mouth Blend based on their ability to target specific ‘thug bugs’ implicated with gum disease and tooth decay, other microbes are affected too. The good news is that our bodies have a natural ability to repopulate the good guys via saliva.

Our article Is the Key to Greater Oral Health Already In Your Mouth? explains the importance of saliva. It also contains a video that demonstrates a powerful strategy to maximize the benefits of saliva for our oral health.