Will Shine help decrease (or increase?) my tooth sensitivity?

The main cause of tooth sensitivity (from our perspective) is a generalized loss of mineral density in a certain area. This leaves that region more porous and therefore more prone to external factors (hot/cold drinks, etc) to influence and overstimulate the nerve to that tooth.

This is particularly true with any teeth where you may have gum recession. Roots are naturally more sensitive because they don’t have the same enamel protection on them.

So, considering the primary focus of Shine is to offer support to deposit more minerals back into the teeth, I’m very confident that Shine could help reduce your sensitivity.

In fact, we surveyed the customers who participated in our pilot launch of Shine last autumn. Many of them regularly experienced tooth sensitivity. Of those who did have tooth sensitivity, 85.7% told us that their sensitivity either reduced or greatly reduced/went away from using Shine.

As you can imagine, I’m very proud of those numbers :). That means that we can actually re-deposit minerals back into the teeth to protect against sensitivity. That we can actually address the root cause of sensitive teeth rather than ‘just’ stop the pain by numbing agents.

On a personal level, I’ve had sensitivity to cold/frozen foods my whole life. However, I noticed a few weeks ago that I can now handle them without any pain at all, even frozen foods on my teeth! Not like I want to be eating ice cream regularly, but it’s nice to know that my teeth are that much more dense since using Shine for the past several months.

I hope this addresses your question on sensitivity.