Why is it important for me to know my saliva pH?

Around here, we talk a lot about ‘feedback loops’.  A feedback loop is simply some way to objectively quantify some measurement to gain insight to our ‘current location’.

An example we commonly use to bring light to this idea of a feedback loop is how we find our way around a shopping mall we’ve never been in before.

Of course, we would go find the kiosk/map of the mall.  And the first thing we look for is the ‘You Are Here’ big red arrow, right?

Why?  Because knowing where we are gives us perspective to determine if whatever action we undertake helps us to move in the right direction or not.

Saliva pH is a helpful feedback loop to see how well our systems are doing managing an optimal oral pH environment.  If the saliva pH is too high, we’re asking for trouble.  And if the pH is too low, this provokes more tooth decay because the bugs implicated with tooth decay thrive in a low pH environment.

Here’s an article that dives into this fascinating subject, titled ‘Tracking your saliva pH – part 2 of How to Know if You Are Heading in the Right Direction’.

You can also download our Free OraWellness Saliva pH Tracker here.