What should I do if I don’t know the depth of my gum pockets?

While we do suggest that everyone get the test from your dentist to measure the depth of your gum pockets, the reality is some of us don’t have this luxury. This is called a ‘periodontal depth test‘. Even though this test has become rather standard care, many dentists still don’t perform it.

So, how do you know if you need to upgrade to our HealThy Mouth System if you don’t have an accurate measurement of your gum pockets?

If you step back and take a good look at your oral health, your intuition will guide you.

Here are some questions to help you…

  • Are you over 30 years old? (research suggests roughly 50% of adults have active periodontal disease)
  • Have you had years of stress in your life? (stress really makes gum disease progress quickly)
  • Do you have chronic bad breath? (very common)
  • Do you have any loose teeth? (no brainer sign)

So, if you don’t have a recent periodontal depth test measuring the gum pockets around your teeth and you have any of the above common signs, you may want to step up your oral hygiene tools to our HealThy Mouth System.

To learn more about the HealThy Mouth System and to evaluate whether or not it’s right for you, check out this helpful page.

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