What are the ingredients in the HealThy Mouth Blend?

Our original HealThy Mouth Blend is made of organic and wildcrafted essential oils of: cinnamon (leaf), peppermint, spearmint, clove, myrrh and manuka in a base of certified organic almond oil.

For those with a nut allergy, our Nut-Free HealThy Mouth Blend contains the same essential oils and uses certified organic jojoba oil as the carrier base.

Here’s an explanation of the role of each of the ingredients in our HealThy Mouth Blend.

We realize that for various reasons, some people need custom blends (for example, cinnamon-free or peppermint-free blends). To request a custom blend, you can send us an email or give us a call. Please note that for custom blends, a minimum of 3 bottles must be ordered.