How do you travel with OraWellness products?

OraWellness products sitting on a map

Airport security / carry-ons

Feel free to call your airport to ask about their carry-on policies. Our team has traveled with both the HealThy Mouth Blend* and Shine in our carry-on luggage without issue at airport security. However, your experience may differ depending on the airport you’re in and the TSA agent who is evaluating your luggage.

For example, on different occasions, one of our team members has been stopped by the TSA for things like chocolate bars and plantain chips that showed up as “suspicious items” in the carry-on x-rays.

But the good news is, none of our team members have been stopped by the TSA for having Shine or the HealThy Mouth Blend in their carry-on bags. 🙂

*Pro tip: The single bottle tube works great as a travel case!

How do I prevent spills and leaks in my luggage?

When we travel with the blend and/or Shine, we always try to make sure the lids are screwed on tightly, and we put the entire jar and bottle into a resealable food-storage bag.

In general, the air pressure in flights does crazy things to all liquid products (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, tooth products, etc.), and somehow one or more of them often winds up leaking. So, a baggie at least prevents any leaks from spreading to the rest of the items in our luggage.

Also, the plastic euro dropper insert in the neck of the HealThy Mouth Blend bottle is removable. One customer told us that by removing that plastic insert and screwing the lid back on tightly, they reduced the leaking that sometimes happens during flights due to the pressure changes. Just be sure to keep the bottle and plastic insert together in a resealable baggie so they’re grouped together for easy reassembly later.

OraWellness products in a translucent travel bag

BrushEco travel tips

BrushEco is made of sustainable bamboo, and unlike plastic toothbrushes, it will break down over time. So, BrushEco requires a little extra care to keep it in good functional condition.

If you’re going to store BrushEco in some kind of travel container, please be sure to thoroughly dry it before you put it away. Simply shake off any remaining water over a sink and then use a towel to dry the brush. This will help prevent the bamboo from molding over time.

On the other hand, if you’re going to store BrushEco out in the open, no need to do any special drying. We especially recommend storing any toothbrush on a sunny windowsill whenever possible because the sun’s rays will help to dry and sanitize the bristles.

Wishing everyone safe and happy travels! 🙂