The bamboo brush head feels odd when it rubs against the inside of my cheek. Is there anything I can do about this?

We know exactly what you mean. We experienced that feeling at first, too. Given that most of us have used plastic toothbrushes since we were children, it makes sense that putting a non-plastic toothbrush material into our mouth might feel a little odd for a bit.

However, there’s good news: with continued use, this feeling quickly fades. Just like with any new tool that we try, the more we practice with it, the less strange it feels.

That said, here are some tips you can try to get your mouth habituated to BrushEco a little quicker:

  1. You could try rubbing coconut oil or wax on the back of the brush head to change the texture of the wood.
  2. Or, you could burnish the back of the brush head to help make it smoother. BrushEco brushes are actually burnished during production, but more burnishing never hurts.

Essentially, burnishing is rubbing the wood with something harder than the wood itself. This causes the wood fibers on the surface to fuse together and become smoother and harder.

To burnish, you can take the back of a metal spoon and rub/buff the edges and back of the brush head. Feel the wood with your finger first, rub a spot with a metal spoon, and then feel that spot with your finger again. You’ll notice that it’s smoother.

Incidentally, doing this process will actually make BrushEco last even longer, too. In our modern throw away culture, it may sound kind of silly to consider what we can do to make a toothbrush last longer, but burnishing really helps make the surface smoother and harder, both of which help it to last longer.