Some bristles fell out of my brush. What does this mean?

It’s rare for bristles to fall out of our toothbrushes, but every once in a blue moon this may happen.

For example, it might happen if you soak your BrushEco head in liquid for a long period of time (like overnight).

BrushEco’s bristles are attached to the toothbrush head with a steel staple, and the head and rest of the handle are made from bamboo (a tree-like grass). Just like wood, bamboo can expand and contract under certain conditions.

The moisture generated from brushing with and rinsing BrushEco should not have any negative effects. However, soaking BrushEco in liquid for long periods of time may affect the bamboo and wind up loosening the staples, which could result in some bristles falling out.

Rest assured, if you’ve never soaked your BrushEco in liquid and one or two bristles fall out anyway, your brush isn’t defective.

During production, when the bunch of bristles gets stapled to the brush head, sometimes one or two stray strands don’t get fully secured under the staple. This loose strand or two will eventually fall out, but the rest of the bristle tufts will stay secure under the staple.

If for some strange reason a larger amount of bristles falls out of your BrushEco brush, please contact us so we can help. 🙂