Is Shine safe to use with crowns? Will Shine damage crowns, veneers, or existing fillings?

Shine is safe to use and will not damage existing dental restorations.

The kaolin clay will gently polish any accumulated stains from restorations to help maintain a correct color match with your natural teeth.

A quick personal story for you.

I (Will here) chipped a front tooth as a teen (parents, please continue to remind your kids to not be foolish with their teeth!)

I had the corner replaced with a ceramic dental restorative material.

Over the years, the restoration discolored from staining from foods and drinks.

Since using Shine, I have noticed that the ceramic restoration is whitening back to a more natural match to the color of my front teeth.

So, unlike other colored tooth powders that may stain any dental restorations, Shine will help to gently polish and maintain veneers, etc to their correct match to your natural tooth color.