Is Shine safe for children to use?

Yes, Shine is safe for children to use.

However, by now you know we don’t like short answers 🙂  Well, it’s not that we dislike short answers, we would just rather put more information in your hands so you can make a more educated decision.

That said, like all products that contain clays, Shine does contains some trace elements.  Some of the trace elements are considered dangerous.  However, the amount of these elements in Shine is extremely tiny.  If you have concerns about this, please read our discussion about these trace elements in Shine here.

Bottom line for us, everyone in our family uses Shine and we recommend it to all friends, including those with young children.  For us, the benefits of using Shine far outweigh any potential risks.  But that’s us and our values.  Now you have the information that you can make your own decision on the relative benefits and safety of children using Shine.

We hope that helps.