Do you have any research backing Shine’s ability to support remineralization?

Super great question!  It’s always wise to question what we read!

There are many research studies on the effectiveness of hydroxyapatite and xylitol in helping to remineralize teeth.  Here are a handful to get your ‘science read’ on 🙂


How xylitol helps in remineralization

Here’s a really long but awesome review of the effects of xylitol on remineralization.

How xylitol impacts gut micro biome encouraging an increase in bugs recognized as helpful and a decrease in bugs recognized as pathogenic here and here.

How xylitol helps select for less virulent strains of strep mutans while not impacting other stains of streptococcus (a common microbe in the mouth).


How hydroxyapatite helps protect enamel

How hydroxyapatite is comparable to fluoride

How hydroxyapatite ‘greatly enhances tooth microhardness’

The powerful impact of HA for remineralization here.


We plan to conduct studies specifically on the synergistic remineralizing power of the ingredients in Shine.  You’ll be among the first to hear what these studies find once we have the results.