My family is on a tight budget. How can I get the biggest ‘bang for my buck’ from your products?

We have heard from many families who have been successful in stretching our products on a tight budget. Here’s the game…

  1. Get a Bass toothbrush for every member of your family and teach them how to disrupt the thug bugs along the gum line with the Bass Brushing Technique (don’t forget to follow that by brushing the teeth, too). This will help any young mouths avoid complications of gum disease ‘down the road’ in their lives.
  2. Next, use our HealThy Mouth Blend on floss. It only takes 1­ or 2 drops to use the blend in this way, and the floss gets the blend down between molars, which is the most important place to disrupt the colonization of ‘thug bugs’ in the mouth.

In this way, one bottle of our HealThy Mouth Blend can stretch out to over 6 months of use.

Also, consider saving up and buying in bulk. Our single bottle costs almost $23, but our popular 3-pack brings the per-bottle price down to around $15 each, our 7-pack reduces the cost to around $13.99 per bottle, and our 12-pack brings the per-bottle price down to just $12.63 each. That’s a big savings over time.