My drops are flowing VERY slowly. Why?

The HealThy Mouth Blend should drip easily from the bottle. Here’s how:

  1. Remove the lid from the bottle
  2. Hold bottle at a 45 degree angle down over your toothbrush
  3. Count to 3
  4. The drops should start to flow within that count (1, 2, 3)
  5.  If still no drops , spin the bottle in your fingers a full 180 degrees and repeat step 3.

It’s not common for the drops to flow slower than the steps outlined above.

Sometimes if the room where you use or store the blend is particularly cold, that can thicken the blend a little and reduce the flow rate.  Try holding it in your warm hand for a minute.

Other times, an air bubble might develop in the plastic ‘euro dropper’ in the top of the bottle. This can slow the drop flow until the air bubble is either popped or moves out of the way.  One way we’ve found to remove the air bubble is to give the bottle a little kiss while sucking the air out of  the bottle.

We hope these suggestions work for you.  Let us know please.  Happy brushing.