Is the HealThy Mouth Blend safe to use with dental restorations?

Yes, the HealThy Mouth Blend can be used on any dental work that you may have had done (i.e. crowns, implants, fillings, root canals, veneers, etc.) without compromising it.

In fact, many folks with implants, crowns, and/or fillings (both composite and amalgam) have been using our HealThy Mouth Blend daily for years without damaging their dental work.

It’s good to be aware that prolonged or repeated exposure to undiluted essential oils can damage some plastics, but our HealThy Mouth Blend is a diluted blend of essential oils in a carrier oil base. So, it shouldn’t cause damage to any plastics in dental restorations.

Also, if a crown, filling, or other restoration were already compromised (and therefore already needed to be replaced), it’s possible that the oils in the HealThy Mouth Blend could seep under the ‘leak’ at the edge of the restoration and risk further weakening the already-compromised bond. But activities like oil pulling or even eating or drinking would also provide the same risk to a crown, filling, etc. that’s already compromised.

All that to say, yes, the HealThy Mouth Blend is safe to use with dental restorations.