Is the HealThy Mouth Blend safe for pets?

The HealThy Mouth Blend is NOT safe for cats. The essential oils that it contains are not good for cats and could even harm our feline friends. So, please keep the HealThy Mouth Blend well out of reach of cats. This is actually true in general with cats and all essential oils. The nervous systems of cats are so sensitive, even diffusing essential oils in a room is not safe for cats.

However, to our knowledge, our HealThy Mouth Blend is safe to use on dogs. We know several dog lovers who have reported to us that regular use has lowered the plaque and gum disease in their canine loved ones.

To lower the spicy flavor, try diluting it by mixing it at least 50/50 with organic coconut oil and then gently brush your dog’s teeth and gums with that mixture.

The best way to help your pets achieve greater oral health is through diet. Here’s an article that explains more on this and Pottenger’s cats.

Finally, please note that our other product, Shine Remineralizing Tooth Whitening Powder, is definitely NOT safe to use on dogs or cats.

You can find all of these products for your four-legged friends in the OraWellness store.