Is the HealThy Mouth Blend safe for children to use?

This is another important question to answer thoroughly. Yes, our HealThy Mouth Blend is safe for children to use. But is it necessary? Most children find our blend too ‘spicy’ for their young mouths. We take this to mean that they probably don’t need the strength of the blend to help them navigate to greater oral health.

If your child is showing clear signs of decay, then it may make sense to use the blend like some of our customers have done. We have heard from families whose young ones had clear signs of decay on their front teeth. The parents rubbed a drop of our blend on the child’s front teeth once a day, and later they received confirmation from their dentist that the decay had been stopped. But unless there are clear signs of decay, it’s really not necessary for children to use the HealThy Mouth Blend.

If you simply want to provide your kids with a solution that will help them navigate to greater oral health as their teeth are developing, what we have found helpful is to dilute our HealThy Mouth Blend 50/50 with organic coconut oil. This helps lower the ‘spiciness’ of the blend while still maintaining plenty of antimicrobial potential to support their oral health.

If this is still too spicy, it may be helpful to let children brush with just organic coconut oil, because we want young children to develop positive associations with oral hygiene that will serve them going forward in life.

We hope this helps put more information into your hands so you can continue to make positive shifts in your family’s oral health!

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