How many batches of tooth powder can you make with the MCHA bulk bag?

Our MCHA bulk bags contain 80 grams of the microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (aka powdered bone from grass-fed New Zealand cattle).

The recipe in our article, How to make a DIY remineralizing tooth powder (that really works), suggests using 2 tablespoons (TBSP) of MCHA.

Our production team measures out the MCHA by weight (which is why the contents are indicated in grams), but it can be a bit tricky to convert weight measurements to volume measurements like tablespoons.

Thankfully, our resident product creator/mad scientist did some weighing and measuring experimentation with our MCHA powder to help us answer this question. Here are her findings:

I first had to find a method that could yield consistent results. Each time I scooped out some powder into a clean tablespoon (used for baking), and then I scraped off the mound on top to level out the powder. These were the 3 readings I went with:

16.470 grams
16.119 grams
16.940 grams

And that gives an average of: 16.510 grams

So in an 80-gram bag, there are approximately 4.846 TBSP (80 / 16.510).

That means that one bag of MCHA will produce roughly 2.5 batches of the tooth powder from our How to make a DIY remineralizing tooth powder (that really works) article.