How do I add products to my current subscription?

You can add products (recurring or one-time purchase products) to your subscription at any time before your next order auto-activates. Here are the steps for how to navigate to the subscription portal to add products:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Account –> Customer login and then log into your account.*
  3. Once you’re logged in, you should see an Account page that shows your Order History. On that page, look for the “Manage Subscriptions” link and click it. That will take you to the subscription portal.
  4. In the subscription portal, there are different clickable options: Home, Subscriptions, Upcoming Orders, Purchase History, Shipping Address, and Payment Methods. In the Subscriptions section, click on Add a product, choose the product you’d like to add (and adjust all the settings to your preference), and click Add a product at the bottom to save your changes.

Or, if you’d like us to make changes to your subscription settings on your behalf (for example, if you’d like us to cancel it or help you update the products, the next auto-charge date, the frequency, etc.), feel free to contact us so we can help.

*Having difficulty logging in to your account? It’s possible that you never activated your login. Simply shoot us an email to let us know you need help, and we’ll get you squared away.