I haven’t received my international order. What can I do and how can I track it?

International delivery times can vary widely based on two main factors: distance (Canada receives our packages faster than Australia, for example) and how busy the customs office in your country is (we once had a 6 week delay in German customs).

Generally, delivery for international orders takes between 10 business days and 3 weeks, but it can sometimes take even longer (one order that was shipped to Mexico took two months to reach our customer’s hands).

Depending on the shipping method you selected for your order (Standard/First Class International vs. Priority International), you may be able track your order via USPS.com using the tracking number that our system automatically emailed to you when your package shipped.

Please note that USPS has informed us that for Standard/First Class International packages, USPS is not required to provide tracking scans for the packages. So, tracking for these packages may be incomplete, and USPS cannot provide more information for them aside from what we as customers can see on our end in their tracking portal.

Also, many countries are part of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). If your country is on the UPU list, you may be able to use the same USPS-issued tracking number to track your package on your country’s postal service website.

For example, Canada is part of the Universal Postal Union, so a USPS-issued tracking number should work on both the USPS website and Canada Post’s website.

It can be helpful to keep checking both tracking portals, as sometimes one portal provides different information than the other, and the information from both places combined paints a clearer picture of what’s happening with your package.

We’ve found that in some instances, tracking reveals that the package has been delivered to the local post office. In that case, the package is usually being held until the customer pays their package customs duty fee. The customer simply needs to call or visit their local post office with their tracking number and photo ID, and pay the customs fee so that the package can be released to them.

If you need further assistance locating your package, feel free to contact us, and we’ll help you. 🙂