Does the HealThy Mouth Blend have an expiration date? What is the shelf life?

Our HealThy Mouth Blend does not have a set expiration date. Its shelf life depends on how it is stored.

Unopened bottles of our HealThy Mouth Blend will maintain their potency literally for years provided you store them wisely. The three factors that can weaken essential oils are: direct sunlight, heat, and open air.

So, as long as you store them in their original packaging, away from sunny windowsills, in a cool place (so definitely NOT over your stove or on your car dashboard 🙂 ), and with the lid on the bottles, they will remain effective for many years.

Opened bottles of our HealThy Mouth blend should also be stored away from sunlight and heat. It’s best to use the bottle of our blend within one year of opening it, and to keep the lid on it when you’re not using it. As we mentioned, essential oils lose their strength through air exchange. This is why our bottles of HealThy Mouth Blend have plastic ‘euro dropper’ inserts for dispensing the product – this style of top keeps the air exchange to a very minimum.