Can I use HealThy Mouth Blend in my oral irrigator / water flosser?

While some folks choose to try using our HealThy Mouth Blend in their oral irrigator/water flosser, we don’t recommend it. Here are some reasons why:

  • Oil and water repel each other instead of mixing together. The oils will float, while oral irrigators tend to draw water from the bottom of the unit. That means if you add HealThy Mouth Blend to your reservoir, you’ll probably wind up spraying just water in some areas and just Blend in others. Using the Blend in this way isn’t very efficient or cost effective.
  • It’s difficult to thoroughly cleanse all of the tubes and other working parts of an oral irrigator. So, some HealThy Mouth Blend may remain in the device, even if you rinse it. This presents a couple of challenges. First, it’s possible that Blend buildup in the tubes could clog the device or cause other problems. Also, with constant or repeated exposure to essential oils, plastics can start breaking down. Both of these challenges could lead to an oral irrigator/water flosser malfunctioning faster than it normally would. Feel free to reach out to the oral irrigator/water flosser manufacturer to see what solutions they recommend using in it.


So what can I do instead of using HealThy Mouth Blend in my oral irrigator/water flosser?

An alternative you can try is to add two or three drops of HealThy Mouth Blend to a small amount of water in a cup or shot glass and swish with it vigorously before and/or after using the oral irrigator.


What if I’m trying to get the Blend below my gum line to help address periodontal disease?

Feel free to check out our HealThy Mouth System, which has all of the tools and education you need to address bacterial colonies below the gum line and stop periodontal disease.