Can I add Shine to my oil pulling practice?

This is such an excellent question because you are really thinking on your feet how you can maximize your oral health.

You could add Shine to your oil pulling, but I think an even better idea is to practice a little ‘oil pulling’ like mini session after brushing your teeth with Shine before you spit.

You see, the very best way Shine helps remineralization is when it’s in solution with our saliva.  That way, we can use the natural affinity of the bugs implicated with tooth decay to draw the Shine/saliva solution under the surface of our teeth into any active spots of decay.  (For more info on this mechanism, check out this video.)

So, give this a try…

After brushing with Shine, notice how you have a lot of saliva in your mouth.  Consider swishing this saliva/Shine solution around your mouth and between your teeth for 20-30 seconds before spitting.  That way, you circulate this highly beneficial solution between your teeth where it’s tougher to get with a brush.