Are your MCHA bulk bags manufactured on equipment that also processes products that contain peanuts or nuts?

Great question!

To answer it, we reached out to both our MCHA supplier and our production team that packages it into 80g bulk bags for us. Here’s what they had to say…

Our supplier (a pharmaceutical company that supplies many vitamin companies with MCHA to use in their vitamin supplements) confirmed that the MCHA is processed in a facility that does not do any work with peanuts or any other nut products. So, we’re clear from the manufacturer side.

Our production team (a GMP certified lab that maintains strict levels of cleanliness and safety) has also confirmed that they are a peanut-free facility, and they don’t handle peanut products at all.

While they do occasionally make products with two tree nuts (walnut and coconut), they follow all allergen protocols whenever those are used. After processing a product that contains allergens, our production team follows procedures to properly clean the equipment. Then they test for allergens on the equipment using modern methodology.

We do have customers (and friends and family) who are allergic to peanuts or tree nuts and who use our MCHA with no problems or adverse reactions. However, we know that each body is different, and some folks are extremely sensitive to even the smallest of trace amounts of allergens, so please do what feels right for you.

We hope this helps you feel informed and self empowered as you decide if our MCHA is right for you and your body.