Are the BrushEco and plastic Bass brush heads the same size?

Junior Sizes:
The Junior BrushEco Bass brush head is a little smaller than the Junior plastic Bass brush head. To share some backstory, OraWellness co-founders Will and Susan asked the production team that produces BrushEco to use the exact same dimensions as the Junior plastic Bass brush. However, after they attempted to do this, they discovered that due to the constraints of working with bamboo, they needed to deviate slightly from the original design specs and make the Junior BrushEco head slightly smaller than its plastic counterpart. But the good news is that they were able to keep the same total number of bristle tufts (24) as well as ensure that the bristle tips are still polished round.

Adult Sizes:
The 3-row Adult BrushEco Bass brush head is the same size as the Adult plastic Bass brush head.

The bristles on the 4-row Adult BrushEco Bass brush head are slightly closer together than our 3-row Adult Bass brushes (BrushEco and plastic), but the brush head is essentially the same size as our 3-row Bass brushes.